Even briefer than our day-trip to Italy, our time in Belgium basically only included a quick tour of the European Union Parliament building in the capital (Brussels) and an even quicker lunch before continuing on the coach to the Netherlands. Which brings me to the following explanation of why I count Belgium among the countries I’ve visited.

Everyone has a unique definition of how they keep track of places they visit. Some people accept the time spent in in an international terminal during a layover or driving through a city on the way to an airport as an official visit. I however, set my own standard. In order to officially say that I visited a city, state, or country, I must consume a local meal (aka no McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or KFC) and visit at least one historically significant monument, museum or national park, or hang out with locals. So although our time was short, I do consider Belgium as one of my country visits (on my very slow way to tour all 197).

The Highlights

Belgian waffles.

The Remarkable

The EU Parliament building was beautiful. Unfortunately, I chose not to document anything about our tour. I should probably make plans to go back & more fully experience the de facto capital of the European Union!


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  1. Sartenada says:

    Enjoyable post. Thank You.


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